The swardu Manual

File sharing and tagging

  • swardu is an independent company based in Switzerland and will not sell your email address or any personal data to third parties
  • swardu does NOT claim any property rights on uploaded material, nor will we share, use or remarket any uploaded material
  • Prior to uploading your file(s) to the swardu cloud, you must register first
  • swardu supports the most common formats for videos, pictures and documents
  • swardu does not support any music files
  • Upon completion, you will receive the swardu tag for this specific upload. Each tag is a randomly created combination of letters and numbers, existing only one time, with billions of possible variances (don’t waste your time with trying to hack other people’s tags – winning the State Lottery is more likely)
  • You can pack up to 25 files in one tag. A tag may have 200 MB maximum (videos: 200 MB after compressing)
  • tags shall be presented in the form of swardu/tag
  • Once you have received the tag, you can copy it onto the clipboard and paste it easily in all other platforms, or share the tag in any other way
  • Sharing the tag means sharing the file(s)
  • Your recipient doesn't have the swardu app? No problem. Simply long-click on a tag in “Manage My Tags“ or “Viewed Tags“ to create a direct link to the tag's content. The recipient only has to copy/paste the link into any web browser to access the content (until you delete the tag).
  • Deleting the tag means the specific content you have combined with this tag, will no longer be accessible and this tag will no longer exist. Once deleted, the specific tag cannot be restored. swardu will only issue new tags for each new upload
  • Tags can be deleted in the “Manage My Tags” menu
  • swardu offers an option where your tag will be automatically deleted after twenty four hours if this option is selected prior to uploading the tag. To enable, click the “24 hrs” box prior to starting the upload
  • Your free available data storage space is 3 GB. For more storage space (1 TB), please upgrade to the swardu PRO version
  • PRO accounts will automatically be renewed, if not terminated by the user
  • Make use of the “Invite Friends” function for extending your swardu network

Viewing a swardu tag

  • Simply type the tag in the swardu tag window and click “GO”. No need to register.
  • The content of this tag will be presented immediately
  • For fast and easy access, swardu offers a widget function. Please open it on your phone
  • Please also visit