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swardu has been developed with the vision in mind, to combine the two global trends of file sharing and tagging in one most user-friendly App, and making those functions available to everyone. Forget the outdated QR Code from 1994 – get on swardu now! After the registration, you can upload your files to the swardu cloud (3 GB come for free) and then receive your swardu tag. Sharing the swardu tag means sharing the file. To view your file, all the recipient has to do is to type your tag in the swardu tag window and click on GO. It’s that simple! You can pack up to 25 files (e. g. your holiday pics) in one tag. No need anymore to send long links by email for sharing a file, or to disclose any personal data. You can share your swardu tags across all media, even verbally. By deleting the tag, your file is no longer accessible, so you always stay in full control. swardu offers an auto-delete function after 24 hrs. Want to sell your house, car, boat … upload a video and enhance your ad or sale sign with the relevant swardu tag. Anyone, knowing the tag, can watch your video instantly on swardu. The possibilities are endless! Corporate users, please get in touch with us. We have some funny ideas about the power of modern tagging with regards to real-time marketing, ecommerce and consumer interaction. Enjoy tagging the world! swardu.com AG


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