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swardu: Your privacy is our priority! swardu is the safest and easiest way to anonymously share your files. After login, select up to 25 files (pics, videos) from your phone gallery, upload them to the swardu cloud, and receive a swardu tag. Share the tag with anyone via your preferred media.
No need anymore to send long links by email for sharing a file, or to disclose any personal data!
The recipient only has to copy / paste the tag into the swardu window and click on GO to instantly view the tagged content. When you want to remove access to the content, simply delete the tag. It’s that simple!
swardu provides 3 GB of cloud storage space for free. Eliminate Internet traces forever and always stay in full control of your filesharing activities with swardu. swardu even offers an auto-delete function after 24 hours. Use swardu to swap pics in a Tinder chat, enhance your ebay ads with a swardu-tagged video, and more. The possibilities are endless!
Corporate users, please get in touch with us. We have some funny ideas about the power of modern tagging with regards to real-time marketing, boosting e-commerce and consumer interaction.


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